ERA’s award-winning 

Environmental Education Programs

Over the course of each year, ERA hosts a variety of Environmental Education and Awareness activities and campaigns. These programs include both formal segments, implemented through local schools, and informal segments that focus on ‘experiental’ learning.  There are very few opportunities for youth and local citizens to learn about good environmental practices and sustainable development. Resources in this region are scarce and there still remains no component of environmental education included in the school systems or provided formally within communities.ERA’s outdoor education programs are designed either as day-activities at the Environmental Educatioon Center, or excursions and oversnight trips with local youth (ages 8-17) to destinations in Rugova such as the Waterfall Trail, Hajla, and various peak locations. Educational themes include topics like “Signs of Wildlife”, “Leave No Trace (LNT)”, “Forest Preservation/illegal logging”, or sustainable development. In addition to cooperating with local schools and the municipality, ERA also works with other local and international organizations on many occasions.