Long Walk for Peace (2005) was an initiative supported by ministry of Culture, Youth, and Sports and was organized by ERA in support of the Balkan Peace Park efforts. Over the course of the two week trip, an international group of trekkers began in Kosovo and traveled on foot through the mountains of Montenegro and
Albania, in an effort to promote eco-tourism and the potential development of a trans-boundary protected area (TBPA) in the Balkans that would span the tri-peak region.

Forty participants took part in the Trek. Balkan youth, decision-makers, and local communities as well as international observers participated in the event to promote free movement, cultural exchange, and sustainable development in the cross-border region betweenKosova, Montenegro, and Albania. Along the way, the group met with local communities, NGO’s, cultural experts, and local government officials.  The Youth trek was concluded with a visit to eh Decan/Decani Monastery and was celebrated on International Youth Day with a conference in Mitrovica. The conference focused on young people’s perspectives, fighting poverty in this cross-border region, and supporting local development by promoting Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s).


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