Wild Kosova Educational package

Explore the wild, be a hunter of tracks, and if you are quite and patient enough you even get the chance to see the innocence of the roe deer’s or hear the majestic howl of the wolfs. It is a one day outdoor package to be implemented in nature. Its aim is to learn about wild species and their importance in the balance of the ecosystems, and tackle the environment issues based on the frequency of these species. It is all about going out in the nature to seek tracks, scat, and others signs of large and medium mammals or even capture the specie itself through the lens of the camera. Learn all about camera traps and even set a camera and wait for it to capture the beauty and elegance of the species crossing its path. Adequate for 7th and 8th graders. Have all fun becoming a wildlife researcher.



 “WiLD Kosova!” Awareness campaign

aims to change the local Kosova student mentality – including attitudes and behaviors – by raising awareness, so that there will be a sustainable base of active citizens involved in environmental issues. This is because Kosova students lack awareness about biodiversity and the rich wildlife that lives inside their country’s borders.  As a result, this region is experiencing the ongoing destruction of these animals’ habitats by humans. Yet these students are fully aware of animals found in Africa and Australia. We inform and raise the awareness of the students living in the municipalities of Peja, Prishtina, Prizren and Istog about Kosova’s wild animals and the importance of their habitats with the assistance of a video program that is shown in schools, and complemented with interactive and outdoor education methodology. The project consists of the making of a WiLD Kosova! film on DVD, in-school campaigns in four municipalities, teacher trainings to replicate the program, public screenings of the film in city centers and on national television, as well as a TV debate between students and government representatives. Throughout the project signatures will be taken students, teachers and citizens in favor of outdoor education within the curriculum, which can then be used to lobby the Ministry of Education to include outdoor components in the new environmental education curriculum.

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