Balkan Lynx Recovery Program

ERA was created on the basis of the lack of nature protection in Bjeshket e Nemuna. Considering the previous political development and the previous conflict from the 90s there has been a decline in wildlife and the lack of data has had a negative role while making the real situation rather blurry. With our wildlife program, we aim to develop healthy policies based on the current biodiversity needs. The main program that is included in wildlife conservation program is monitoring of wildlife and advocacy of new policies and their implementation. These get complemented by our educational program. The core activity of monitoring of wildlife is camera trapping which provides us the necessary data to understanding the status of medium and large vertebrates. There are many gaps regarding the population assessment of our wildlife.

A good portion of our impact has to do with data collection and population assessment of our specific species targets. From 2013 the target species that has been monitored is Balkan Lynx in the framework for Balkan Lynx Recovery Program (BLRP). Currently, it is classified as a Critically Endangered subspecies according to the IUCN Red list assessment that was conducted in 2015. Using camera traps as a tool for data collection we had managed in 2015 to prove lynx presence in Bjeshket e Nemuna, in the framework of Balkan Lynx Recover Program (BLRP). Although in the past, we have had our impact in habitat conservation and prey conservation largely with the proclamation of the national park in 2012, lynx presence has challenged us to tackle these conservation targets from a systematic perspective.

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